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OK, asiekierka's been missing from gtalk for nearly 9 days, so I'm going to have to say what I can here. --GreaseMonkey

(and here's how i will mark my additions -- asiekierka)

Basically, this MZX company started when GreaseMonkey wanted to team up with asiekierka for the Summer 2009 DsDoZ, even after being told several times by asiekierka that it was probably not a good idea. Unfortunately, asiekierka was not available when the competition started, so GreaseMonkey had to go solo and managed to produce something which wasn't a smouldering pile of crap done in about 6 hours (see "Marooned" in the Winter 2008 DsDoZ), at the expense of nearly going full circle through the day (6:30am to 3:15am... this was actually achieved in the next DoZ).

Then asiekierka contacted GreaseMonkey and decided to do a collab game, "Reporting on the DoZ", parodying all the entries. asiekierka started a "company" called Team AScii and even made a logo (first in 80x25 then in 80x50 -- asiekierka) for it. Unfortunately, all that came of this game was a parody of the title screen in Lancer's DoZ entry (having the music, then cutting the fuzzy background / music into TV white noise and then a test pattern).

Uh, so that's roughly how Team AScii was formed. (yeah)

Forsaken Daylight was almost a Team AScii release (they changed their DoZ team name to "Team Betamax" after asiekierka's then-current obscession with video-tapes).

Other than maybe that, there seems to be no Team AScii MZX releases (a few were planned but nothing was finished), although GreaseMonkey made a custom C + Lua Minecraft server and then eventually left Minecraft after Notch (the author) suggested trolling some 10-year-old on Skype (then came back in August 2011), leaving asiekierka effectively in charge of the Luacraft code.

asiekierka modified a tool to bruteforce a master key on the Nintendo DSi so that it could work in a distributed network setting or something like that. (then marketed it wrong and got into a massive flamewar)

The YouTube channel has some videos by asiekierka, although most of them are just uploads of stuff he's seen and wants archived / shown / whatever.

But yeah, as of some point in February 2010, Team AScii is still running! ...somewhat. (Unofficially dead since late 2010) (I think we can make that official now --GM)

So uh, yeah, there's my rant. -GM