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The Summer 2004 DsDoZ was the 13th Day of Zeux competition, and was hosted by Terryn using the topics "Fate" and "Mines." This DoZ is noted for being arguably the worst in the community's history, due to a number of unfortunate complications.

This DoZ was originally organized by ZzCrook and scheduled for July 16th, but due to a job offer he removed himself as organizer one month ahead of this date. After this, Diamond became the organizer through a casual consensus on DigitalMZX. However, due to complications in his own life and a lack of time to prepare, he pushed back the start date to July 24th. One week before this date, however, due to further complications including a seemingly unresolvable series of scheduling conflicts and unfinished DoZ page scripting, Diamond also stepped down as organizer. After a couple of days of uncertainty in which gofer-chan quickly picked up and dropped the mantle, Terryn took the position and rescheduled it for August 6th to August 7th, starting and ending at 7PM GMT. Despite many computer problems at the time, he managed to get the event on track and selected four judges.

Unfortunately, due to various other problems, an unprecedented three judges were unable to score the games created. Two judges explicitly dropped out and one was deliberately left out for not having finished scores within an acceptable time frame. In the end, it was a month to the day after the DoZ concluded that the scores were finally released, an unusually long period of time, as the majority of DoZs are scored within one to two weeks. Because of this, barbarian (the lone submitting judge) unintentionally determined the final score of all nine entries.

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