Smiley RPG

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Smiley RPG
Author Mallo
Company Destiny Software
Release Date 1997
Genre Comedy / RPG
Download No link available.

The Basics

Smiley RPG was a MegaZeux game made by Destiny Software's Mallo. It is largely a parody of RPGs in general, but naturally develops a few jokes of its own.

Although it features a few RPG-styled battles, the bulk of the game consists of completing other boards which are usually somewhere between an action-oriented and puzzle-oriented gameplay. Two of the famous MegaZeux puzzles used in Smiley RPG were the rotating gunshot-reflector puzzle and the puzzle which imitates invisible Zelda III walkways over a pit.

The story of the game is focused on the player and his two friends Bill and Mindy trying to save North Americana.

Miscellaneous Notes

Kuddy edited the game in MegaZeux 2.51 to fix several compatibility issues with later versions; this fixed version is the one in DigitalMZX's archive.