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Author Wildweasel, ZergMind
Company None
Release Date 2002
Genre Adventure
Download No link available.

Panacea was the second-place entry for the Newyear Dualstream Day of Zeux Q4 2002 competition, created by WildWeasel with testing and musical accompaniment by ZergMind.


The player, a man named James Whilk, has discovered that his girlfriend has contracted a very rare case of Apshaian fever, and has only a short amount of time to live. James, in a fit of desperation, robs a bank in order to hire a boat to travel to the island of Apshai, where it is said there is the only known cure for the fever. As the player returns to the hospital, the girl is saved, and as James and the doctor are cheering, the police arrive to arrest James for his prior bank robbery.


Panacea is one of a few Day of Zeux games to feature some original music tracks, mainly consisting of short guitar loops performed by ZergMind, which WildWeasel imported as samples into MOD files in order to use them within MZX. The rest of the music was acquired from Mod Archive, and included songs from Pinball Dreams and Star Control 2.