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Active Period September 16, 2010 to Present
Notable releases FHBG
Vaporware Nova's Adventure
Companies None

NovaYoshi is a furry who came across MegaZeux around August 26 after browsing through the "Utility" list of the Wii "Homebrew Browser" application and seeing the entry for Mr_Alert's Wii port of MegaZeux. Someone in the nesdev community showed him ZZT earlier but didn't like it due to its limitations. He has worked on a wide variety of MegaZeux, NES, and TI-83+ projects but the only things he ever seems to finish are ports of the Atari 2600 game, Fast Eddie. One port of Fast Eddie for the NES eventually evolved into something entirely different: an NES platformer named Forehead Block Guy, which he entered into the nesdevcompo.