Newyear Dualstream Day of Zeux 2002

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The Newyear Dualstream Day of Zeux 2002 was hosted by Terryn with the topics "stability" (general) and "forces of nature" (specific), and took place on 2001.12.29 6PM GMT to 2001.12.30 6PM GMT. The judges were Tixus, Diamond, Hercules, wizdom and mOdac. Due to what can best be euphemised as "family problems", Terryn had to drop hosting of the DoZ scant hours before it was due to start, and Omega had to drop her judging position altogether (being replaced by Tixus). wizdom handled the hosting for the actual contest period, while Thundercloud dealt with the number assignment and entry processing.

This DoZ introduced the concept of the "weight rank", allowing judges to give points based on personal evaluations of the games (which did not have to correlate with the scores of the games). This DoZ also had the first official implementation of a grace period.

Game Rankings

Judging Sheets

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