Marty the Mage

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Marty the Mage, Old-Sckool's third entry in the DoZ competition, is a free roaming shooter sidescroller done in SMZX mode 3. You play as a mage returning to his homeland who has to destroy a powerful demon (which was never implemented).


The object of the game is to simply move Marty from the left side of the board to the right within the alloted time, although the player can choose to kill the moon-shaped demons along the path. The player is fully controlled by the mouse. By centering the mouse on the player's general position, Marty stops. By positioning the cursor in the apropriate direction, Marty moves, depending on how far away the cursor is from Marty. Clicking the mouse causes marty to shoot fireballs from his hands.


Initially, the gameplay concept was going to be based off of the movie Kiki's Delivery Service, where the player was going to fly back and forth between 5 locals running errands and having a story develop alongside these errands. This was never remotely achieved though due to Old-Sckool's inexperience with a variety of MZX's features.


The game's title doesn't actually appear at all in the game. However, the team name Bionic Commando (based off of the NES Videogame) appeared as the title in the official score ranking as well as a few scoresheets.