MZX Adventure RPG

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MZX Adventure RPG
Author ThDPro
Company Thoughdoo Productions
Release Date December 12, 2012
Genre RPG, Action, Adventure
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You've been born into a terrible ascii land where there is nothing but anger and violence. Help the one who created you to escape the ascii land in this Action RPG! Featuring a vast world (with scaled map), many enemies and tasks, and no pesky interruptions from a storyline. This game started development only because ThDPro wanted to make a simplistic RPG game out of as little complicated components as possible. As the dev continued, the game became more and more complicated, and eventually turned out to be a prospect for a real game.



F1 - Help Menu 
M Key - View Map 

D-PAD - Control player movement 
ENTER - View stats, Equip, Enchant, & Item Menus 
Shift - Toggle SNEAK 
Tab - Toggle RUN 

WASD - Directional Sword Swing 
SPACE - Hold space when Target is lit, release to fire 
arrows (automatically targets, will cause TARGET icon to flash) 

Q key - Use your BURN Spell 
E key - Use your REPEL Spell 
R key - Use your FREEZE Spell