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'MZXCon' is an annual event where MZXers from all parts of the country or world can get together in one location for friendly competition, and socialization. MZXCon has become a staple of the community with 13 cons spread over 11 years and over a large swath of the country. Various styles of convention have been tried, with varying success.

MZXCon 2008

Group photo, 2008. Left to right: pyro1588, asgromo, MZXGiant, Insidious, Exophase, Terryn, Wervyn

This convention was held in Peru, Massachusetts, at Insidious' home, on July 11th-July 13th, 2008. The attendees were:

During this MZXCon, there was a 4-hour BKZX involving two teams of three people, with Insidious judging. The topic was "SANITY". The two games produced were:

  • "Perfectly Sane Damsels In Distress" (Wervyn, Terryn, pyro1588)
  • "Mind Phuck" (Exophase, asgromo, MZXGiant) [Winner]

Other activities included seeing the movie "WALL-E", a brief mall visit, and swimming.

MZXCon 2009

Group photo, 2009. Left to right: Insidious, CJA, pyro1588, Tixus, Revvy, commodorejohn, Wervyn, MZXGiant. Not pictured: Apollyon, Nicole

This convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia at Wervyn's family home and apartment, from July 10th-12th 2009. Attendees were:

Activities during this con included:

  • Asian style karaoke on Friday night, lasting roughly 4 hours.
  • Viewing of the movie "Up", in a continuation of the previous year's trend.
  • A BKZX with about half of the attending guests who were still awake at the time, with the topic Gravity as a nod to the old meme.
  • A jam session that produced about 20 minutes of music, compiled into an album titled "? SPEEDING ?"

MZXCon 2010

Group photo, 2010. Top row, left to right: MZXGiant, Insidious, Quasar84, Terryn, Tixus, Wervyn, Kuddy, Revvy. Bottom row: asgromo, CJA, duvel, Exophase, pyro1588, commodorejohn. Not pictured: Es

This convention was held in Chicago, Illinois at the H.I. Chicago Hostel, from July 9th-11th 2010. This convention was the first hosted outside of people's homes, and was coordinated jointly by Es and MZXGiant. Attendees were:

Activities during this con included:

  • Asian style karaoke on Saturday night, lasting roughly 2 hours, in a continuation of the previous year's trend.
  • Viewing of the movie "Grown Ups", another continuation.
  • A BKZX, with topics of "Rebirth" and "Steampunk Technology" needing to be combined into the same game.
  • Touring of the Chicago Science & Industry Museum

This was notably the first convention to use only public transit to get around the area, and was geared toward a more "tourist" style of convention, sometimes to its detriment. It was also the first con where the chief organizer of events and schedules did not live in the target city.

MZXCon 2011

Group photo, 2011. Top row, left to right: Wervyn, asgromo, Insidious, Kuddy, MZXGiant. Bottom row: Puella, Revvy

This convention was held in Peru, Massachusetts, at Insidious' family home, July 29th-31st, 2011. Attendees were:

Activities during this con included:

  • A BKZX, with topics that MZXGiant forgot
  • A viewing of the movie "Captain America: The First Avenger" in 3D
  • Board game night
  • Scrambled eggs and bacon on the last morning made by Puella

MZXCon East 2012

Group photo, 2012 East. L-R: Top - Wervyn & Puella, Middle - MZXGiant, skwirl, Exophase, Exophase's GF Amanda, Bottom - Chris (skwirl's friend), Kuddy.

This convention was held at Kuddy's house in Delran, New Jersey, from July 13th-15th. Attendees were:

Activities during this con included:

  • Lots and lots of console gaming, including a full playthrough of Battletoads by Exophase
  • Cheesesteaks at Route 130 Diner
  • A viewing of the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man" in 3D
  • Settlers of Catan out on the porch, and the humidity proved to be a bad idea for the cardboard tiles
  • Also there was a hot tub

MZXCon West 2012

Group photo, 2012 West. Back row, l-r: KKairos, ThdPro, TheJMan. Front row: wildweasel, burstroc, Insidious

This convention was held in Portland, Oregon. The MZXing and general hanging out took place at KKairos's house with much to do and see around Portland. The MZXers saw various Portland landmarks. Attendees were:

Activities included:

  • A BKZX held on the topic of boybands, suggested by Lachesis when asked for a topic on IRC.
  • Ground Kontrol arcade
  • A downtown day to visit Powell's Books and Everyday Music, among other things
  • burstroc's tacos

MZXCon 2013

Group photo, 2013. Left to right: Lachesis, asgromo, CJA, duvel, Kuddy, Insidious, Puella, Wervyn
"The Short-Lived Adventures of MZXCon 2013 in Atlanta" over an Atlanta skyline
MZXCon 2013 image made by Puella

This was the second MZX convention held at Wervyn's family home in Atlanta, Georgia. There were eight attendees due to Ough being forced to drop out last-minute.


  • Asian-style karaoke on Friday night
  • The viewing of the film "Pacific Rim"
  • Saints Row 3 co-op play
  • Tichu, a trick-taking card game
  • The viewing of a stream, notably including an episode of "Van-Pires" and a 1999 South Korean kaiju film called "Reptilian"

MZXDay West 2013


  • Ground Kontrol
  • Some kind of food
  • Showing off MZX games or WIPs to each other

MZXCon 2015

Group photo, 2015. Left to right: Puella, Wervyn, Caitiemew, Insidious, Apage43, Kuddy, Lachesis, asgromo.

The 2015 MZXCon was an attempt by Insidious to revive MZXCon after 2014 lacked one. This was the second MZX convention held in Chicago, and the first to take place in an apartment rented on airbnb. There were eight attendees, with a ninth, Es, participating in Karaoke.


  • Pizano's Deep Dish pizza
  • Asian-style Karaoke on Saturday night
  • Mahjongg
  • Viewing of a movie was originally planned but canceled due to the heat.

MZXCon 2016

Group photo, 2016. Left to right: asgromo, Lachesis, Kuddy, Insidious, Caitiemew, Puella, Wervyn

MZXCon 2016 was the first MZXCon held in New York City. After the success of the previous year's major-city-via-AirBnB plan, Kuddy decided to try hosting a similar trip. Seven attendees took up a short residence at a Brooklyn apartment (after CJA and his fiancee had to drop out), and Luke and Nash joined for the afternoon activities on Saturday


  • Viewing of Star Trek: Beyond
  • Amazing dinner (with opera-singing waiter) and Karaoke next door in the Korean district on West 32nd.
  • Playing/beta-testing Insidious' MZX Deathmatch game, made to coincide with the con.
  • Bagels! And authentic NYC pizza!
  • Crashing the Williamsburg Barcade before departure on Sunday.

MZXCon 2017

Group photo at Mission Escape, 2017. Left to right, Top: Lachesis, Wervyn, Puella, Kuddy, Insidious, Caitiemew, Bottom: Bramble, Terryn
"MZXCon 2017, Atlanta GA: OMGWTFBBQ Edition" over a picture of I-85 on fire
MZXCon 2017 image made by Puella

This was the third convention held at Wervyn's parent's house in Atlanta. There were eight attendees:


  • Sid & Caitie arrived on Thursday night, everyone else arrived on Friday
  • Wervyn's dad helped us grill out hot dogs and burgers, and Saturday morning, Wervyn's mom made waffles from scratch
  • Karaoke, of course, at Karaoke Melody, with most of the usual hits
  • Screening of Wonder Woman
  • Antico for gourmet pizza, gelato, and coffee
  • We went to an escape room called Mission Escape, where we did the Hotel Room challenge. We had two groups of 3 and one group of 2, and each group was locked in a separate room having to communicate by phone and provide each other with clues to unlock our doors, and then finally puzzle ourselves out of the lobby. We beat the challenge (which had a 15% success rate) with just seconds to spare!
  • 2-hour Blitzkriegzeux with the prompt "Waiting room." Top three winners are 1. Bramble, 2. Kuddy and 3. Wervyn.

MZXCon 2018

Group photo at Riddle Me, Roanoke escape room, 2018. Left to right: Lachesis, Lancer-X, CJA, Insidious, Caitiemew, Wervyn, Kuddy, Puella

This year's convention was held at a horse farm and AirBnB not far outside Roanoke, VA, and hosted by Insidious. It was notably the first MZXCon attended by a non-North American, as Lancer-X was able to work it into his travel plans around a US conference. The full list of attendees:

Activities: [ To be filled in, mine the discord archive. ]

MZXCon 2019

Group photo at our Philadelphia AirBnB, 2019. Left to right, Stairs: Lachesis, asgromo; Front: CJA, Wervyn, Puella, Spectere, Skwirl, Insidious, Caitiemew; Not pictured: Kuddy

Kuddy returned to hosting, out of an AirBnB near his local stomping grounds in Philadelphia. There were a total of 10 attendees this year:

Activities: [ To be filled in, mine the discord archive. ]