List of Classic DigitalMZX Threads

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Over the years a few of the threads on DigitalMZX have become fairly well-known, either for being controversial, for being funny, or for being both or for other reasons which have here been neglected. A list of some of these threads follows (note that many of them can be found in the Cause of Death:Laughter forum on DigitalMZX). The threads are listed chronologically.


Would you rather be...

Link: (started: June 10, 2003)

Es inquires as to whether people would rather be Mario or Megaman, resulting in an amazing "admin-fight."


Should Tbone stay?

Link: (started: June 11, 2004)

Someone's poll as to whether another MZXer should stay in the community became a good example of how not to handle things.


I'm Logicow and ZOMG LOOK GRAPHIX!

Link: (started: April 19, 2005)

This actually began with Logicow posting a graphic of his in another thread in the Creation Corner. It was then split by an admin into "I'm Logicow and ZOMG LOOK GRAPHIX!" The thread was later renamed as LOGICORP MEDIA COVERAGE, LIBERAL MEDIA INFLUX! However, the phrase "ZOMG LOOK GRAPHIX" became a bit of a fad, finding its way into a few other Creation Corner threads.

Adventures with sirotrax

Link: (started: September 17, 2005)

What began as a description of a meeting of two MZXers became a contest to see who could make the most absurd picture out of their picture.


You guys BANNED one of your own admins?

Link: (started: June 17, 2006)

A post as to why Exophase appears to be in a "banned" state degenerates into attempts to out-random other people. Not the only example of threads gone this route, but one of the more recent ones.