Legend of Rhovanion

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Legend of Rhovanion
Author Ledgend(Padz)
Company n/a
Release Date latest V1.2 Febuary 2007
Genre Adventure/RPG
Download No link available.

Legend of Rhovanion was a game created by Ledgend(Padz). The emphasis is placed on non-linear open-ended gameplay to let the player create a new gaming experience every time its played. It is a fantasy adventure style 'hack and slash' RPG with its own races and backgrounds fairly average graphics and design with a very large world to explore.

The first release in October 2002 was a demo of about 20% completion. over the next 3 years a lot of redesign went into the project races were changed and about 90% of the game was completed and released as v1.1 in October 2005. Another 18 months later and v1.2 was released in February 2007 with 99.9% completion. At present V1.22 is planned for release in 2008 as the final version, but who knows.

Two sister games were also originally planned to fit in as a series, Legend of Elontis and Legend of Norcul. At present there is no plan to continue these games.