Honor Quest

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Honor Quest
Author Darren Hewer
Company Destiny Software
Release Date June 24, 1996
Genre Story
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Honor Quest was a game created by Darren Hewer and released under Destiny Software. The emphasis is placed on its story, with little interactivity and no way for the player to actually die. This take on the MegaZeux game was highly influential, as not only did many other planned games soon emerge following this design (much like Weirdness started a trend with inventory games) but also every game defined as such was branded an "HQ-style" game.

Autumn Dreams later released Honor Quest SE, a complete remake of the original game with an original soundtrack.

Darren Hewer also put considerable work into a sequel, Honor Quest 2, of which only the first chapter of the game was ever finished and released--another example of the infamous demo curse.