Goat Attack

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Goat Attack
Author Torte
Release Date Early 2002
Genre Action/Sidescroller
Download DMZX Archive

Goat Attack was a game created by Torte and one of his friends that was never part of the MZX community. It was an attempt to make a fun (but really bad) game, and didn't take more then 10-20 minutes to make. It seems to have been lost in one of DigitalMZX's SQL crashes.


At the very least two sequels were planned, one by Torte and The Good Guy, and the other by Torte and the same person who took part in making the first Goat Attack. Neither of these got past an intro screen. There was also a remake in the making but it was scrapped before it reached any level of playability.


Torte would prefer that the game isn't re-released to the public, should anyone happen to have it.