Final Fantasy: Dynasty Prelude

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Final Fantasy: Dynasty Prelude
Author Akwende / Ryohei
Company Square of MegaZeux
Release Date Canceled
Genre RPG
Download No link available.

Final Fantasy: Dynasty Prelude is perhaps one of the most controversial MZX games of all time, as well as one of the most hyped (and anticipated, at least back when it was being developed).

A non-interactive preview of the game was released early on. A demo for FFDP was released on mWorld in late 1999 but was supposedly intended for use by Square of MegaZeux members only, and was password protected despite the link being splashed in a public thread Akwende made on mWorld's boards. The password, sqmzx, was almost immediately discovered by Spider 124. With the password leaked, massive amounts of arguing ensued, and it is still undetermined whether Akwende actually intended to cause this sort of scene or whether he posted the link in the public thread out of naivete.

In 2001, Akwende halted development and posted a broken zip file of all of the work he had done on the project. Ryohei released The Lost Summons of FFDP, a graphical showcase of the summon magic effects that he created for the game when it was in development.