DylDrew Inc

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DylDrew Inc.
Year Formed 1996
Year Disbanded 2002
Current Members None
Former Members Insidious, Andrew Warner, Apage43, gofer-chan

DylDrew Inc. began as a collaborative effort between best friends Andrew Warner and Dylan "Insidious" Morrison to create a game called "Dreams", a rather trippy adventure through the mind of a man trapped in his own dreams as punishment for murdering his family. It shared some unintentional similarities with the Nightmare MZX/ZZT games which Insidious hadn't played yet. From there it progressed to many different game concepts which were half-made or not made at all, some of which WERE blatant copyright infringement.

After the friendship of Dylan and Andrew dissolved late 2001, the group went into hiatus until it was picked up again by new friends Insidious and Apage43. After a while, they were half-heartedly joined by gofer-chan, and managed to release absolutely nothing before the group's name was given to Diamond shortly after the group split. The group cemented Apage43 and Insidious's friendship, which continues to be strong to this day.