Day of Zeux, Icy Season 1999

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The Icy Season 1999 Day of Zeux was hosted by CapnKev with the topic of "War". It took place from Saturday, Jan 2nd at 13:00 EST to Sunday, Jan 3rd at 13:00 EST. The judges were Ibrahim, CapnKev, Guyver, and TvsRoto. This Day of Zeux introduced quite a bit more formal rules than its much more informal predecessor; most notably, it introduced a scoring system with weighting given to specific categories (although the system introduced was only used for that particular DoZ, scoring systems have persisted throught all other DoZs), official sanction of teams of up to three people, and the anonymity rule. Many other things introduced here have stuck in some form, such as a grace period, accepted submission format, and allowing specific types of files and helper programs to exist beforehand. Some rules which have not persisted include a "no two competitors from the same company in the same team" rule and strict limits on the number of MZX/MOD/SAM files in an entry.


Note: this DoZ was also the first to display each judge's scores to the public. Unfortunately, this information is missing at the present time.

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