Commander Keen: Heroes Lost

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Commander Keen: Heroes Lost
Author ThDPro
Company Thoughdoo Productions
Release Date December 29, 2012
Genre JRPG
Download DMZX Archive

A game based on the 1990's game series, Commander Keen. It is ThDPro's longest and largest game. While keeping nothing of the gameplay of the seven original Keen games, the game borrowed heavily from the its concepts, including using characters, places, and themes.

Heroes Lost is set 20 years after the events in the latest Commander Keen game, Keen 6.

It features a built in console that allows for many things, from debugging to cheating to solving problems otherwise unfixable.


"This game is a perfect 10 by any measure. Not only was it well worth the year and two months since ThDPro conceived it, it is well worth the two decades, two years and twelve days since Ids original release. Here's a truly epic game that will not only impress, but enrapture." - TheJman



Map Views
Move with arrow keys
Intereact with objects/characters with SPACE
Advance text wit SPACE
Go to the main menu with ENTER
Open up the game's built in console with F1

Menu Views
Navigate with arrow keys
Select with SPACE
Go back or exit the menu with CNTL

Battle Views
-Select Player (Up/Down keys)
-Select Action (Physical/Weapon/Item/Run)
    -Physical (It will flash Miss/Hit/Crit - Hit Space)

    -Weapon (Fire/Ice/Lite/D.Shot - KILLS BATTERY)
    -Item (Stops Turn Clock)
        -Select Player

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