Christmas 2006 Dualstream Day of Zeux

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Christmas 2006 Day of Zeux
Host RoSS
Judges KenOhki2112, ShloobeR, Wervyn, Goshi
Date December 16-17, 2006
Topic(s) Memory (general)

Flight (specific)

Scoresheet Theme-dependent
Preceeded by Summer 2006 Day of Zeux
Followed by Summer 2007 Day of Zeux

The 2006 Winter DsDoZ was hosted by RoSS and began on December 16 at 1:00PM EDT; the topics were "Memory" (General) and "Flight" (Specific). Judges were KenOhki2112, ShloobeR, Wervyn, and Goshi. This DoZ had a drastically different scoring sheet, as detailed below; this is a result of reform spearheaded by Wervyn and suggestions from Exophase. The most prominent change was the assignment of different scales for each topic. 15 entries were submitted; one was disqualified.

This is the first DoZ to undergo a radical overhaul in scoring, assigning each topic its own scoring set and making other large changes.

Game Rankings

asiekierka's (joke) entry was not only disqualified, but remained unjudged, due to asiekierka submitting several fake entries as well as a fake patch for another team.

Judging Sheets

See Christmas 2006 Dualstream Day of Zeux Judging Sheets

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