Christmas 2004 Dualstream Day of Zeux

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Christmas 2004 Day of Zeux
Host Kuddy
Judges Lancer-X, WildWeasel, Galladin, astral
Date December 27-28th, 2004
Topic(s) Fear (general)

Ancient Ruins (specific)

Scoresheet Single
Preceeded by Summer 2004 Day of Zeux
Followed by Summer 2005 Day of Zeux

The Christmas 2004 DsDoZ was organized by Kuddy using the topics "Fear" and "Ancient Ruins." It was held on December 27th through 28th, starting and ending at 6PM GMT. The judges for this DoZ were Lancer-X, WildWeasel, Galladin, and astral.

At the end of the grace period, there were seventeen entries submitted. One of these, "Tha Mindkilla" by the team "crunk-ass ballerz" (composed of SEGA and Nashizzle) ended up being automatically disqualified due to very low theme scores. "Unearthin' Egypt" was also considered for DQ due to a breach of anonymity in the chatroom #mzx, but in this instance it was possible through quick action to keep this information from reaching the judges and the game was not DQed. (confirmation?)

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