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A Board is basically a playing field for which the game can take place in.


  • Boards can range in size from 1x1 to a massive 32767x32767
    • Extremely large boards will consume a massive block of memory. A board with the maximum dimensions would consume over 3 GB of memory, not including the overlay.
    • The board scan is a somewhat expensive routine that scans every square of the board every cycle for built-ins. The larger the board, the bigger the performance impact it can have on your game on slower computers.
  • For a few built-in objects, there is a limit to how many can be placed on one board.
    • All boards must have one and only one instance of the player object.
    • Signs and scrolls together are capped to 255 per board.
    • No more than 255 sensors.
    • No more than 255 robots.