A Zombie-ee Halloween

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A Zombie-ee Halloween
Author ThDPro
Company Thoughdoo Productions
Release Date October 31, 2012
Genre Action
Download DMZX Archive

A Zombie-ee Halloween is a Halloween-themed game from ThDPro has you taking the role of Kkairos as he struggles against a zombie hoard in search of the outbreak's culprit. This is ThDPro's first cameo game, also made in under 10 days due the to his deadline of Halloween. This game features several prominent (and less prominent now) members of the community, including KKairos, Risu2112, Terryn, Lancer-X, Lachesis, asiekierka, asgromo, burstroc, and insidious.

The game is centered around a 4 directional shotgun engine as well as a 4 direction "flame sprayer." ThDPro's plan for the game was to do as little board design as possible and randomly generate boards whenever possible. The bulk of the game is in fact large random boards, all of which have unique features.