Dragon Isle III
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Requires MegaZeux 2.51s2 to 2.61 or newer.
Dragon Isle III
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This was quite an adventure! It has a little bit of everything, but that does not mean that it wasn't also composed quite well.
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Dragon Isle III tells the story of You. No really, the character's name is You. Anyway, this is apparently the third installment of a series focusing on the adventures of You on the titular island. I'm unable to find the previous two games, but fortunately a prologue sums them up at the start of this game.

The progression of this game is very linear, but there are plenty of various locales to visit, colorful characters to talk to, and many levels to get through. Gameplay mostly consists of sidescrolling platform action, though some levels feature classic topdown shooting action. Most boss battles are done RPG style, because it's more epic that way or something.

Sounds like fun? It is... some of the time. This game's difficulty is polarizing; it can be too easy at some points, and too hard at others. Examples of too hard include one-tile platforms (way too many of these, in fact), hordes of enemies, and the mere presence of lava. There is a separate easy version of this game around here, but I dunno if it makes any difference having not played it.

Graphics are decent, though some levels seem too empty. There aren't any annoying sounds and music. As for story, it's generally silly but can get serious when it needs to.

Overall, Dragon Isle III is a decent game to play. I know nothing about the Dragon Isle series, but this game can still be enjoyed by itself. Just be ready to save. A lot.

Edit: I finally found the previous two Dragon Isle games. Check out the Anthology of Suck, and you'll soon find out that this is the best Dragon Isle game you'll be playing...