Voyage to the Abyss Demo
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Requires MegaZeux 2.02 to 2.51 or newer.
Voyage to the Abyss Demo
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Maxim  said:
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Voyage to the Abyss Demo is an incomplete classic-style Megazeux adventure game. What we see here are some action boards and some introduction to the game's plot, which is actually kinda cool.

Combat's dead simple, none of the enemies present a real threat. All they do is move and shoot. There are a few built-in eye enemies though, which at least explode when you kill them.

The story is pretty cool though. Apparently it involves scuttling a space ship before it reaches the Abyss. Whatever the Abyss is, it's supposedly something worse than death. There's some good exposition about it, but not an extreme amount.

Unfortunately this is a short demo and it's got some bugs, mostly just annoying. The elevator door (white door in screenshot 3) seems to have no exit. You have to press the 3 and use the door to get back out to the game's only floor.

Much more horrible is the wide laser wall (screenshot 4). You can't go past that thing without taking at least 30 damage. Most of the time you'll take at least 50 points of damage passing through that thing.

The game's not very long... and there's no official "end of demo" so you can't be sure when you've completed every possible thing. Still, whether it's worth playing or not is debatable. There is still a lot to this for its short length.