2001 Weekend of Zeux
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2001 Weekend of Zeux
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weasel  said:
Last modified 2012-04-23 17:34:34
I'm not sure what this competition was themed, nor am I sure of the exact judging results (if I remember correctly, entry 82896, "The Fourth Power," won first with Komplot in second). But this was a relatively interesting competition despite the fact that only three games were submitted.

The first game, "Big Fast Electric Ballz" (#25944) is a failed attempt at a sports game. It contains momentum and an interesting ball physics engine, but the fact that the walls will kill you and the graphics are eye-hurtingly bad makes this the perfect candidate for last place.

The second game, "Komplot" (55975) is an overhead shooter. You control the President, and run around with the arrow keys dodging bullets. But the twist is that you shoot enemies with your mouse. It's rather difficult to aim at the enemies, being that they're only one character, but adjusting the speed and difficulty of the game remedies the situation. The game's graphical and audio style is very consistent and highly pleasing to the senses, but the only thing that really kills the game is the fact that the screen flashes whenever you shoot. Ouch.

The final game, "The Fourth Power" (82896) is a very entertaining sidescroller with large characters (in excess of 3x3 characters most of the time), a solid engine with very few bugs (it even includes the ability to shoot up), great graphics and sounds, and a pretty interesting plot (yes, a competition game has a real plot). The one place where the game falls on its butt is in the mission selection system - if you fail a mission, you can't return to it otherwise the game will glitch out. So save often, kids, if you want to make it to the final level. (The final boss is highly amusing and very cool as well, seeing it use super-powered attacks and the corresponding programming code for them in the window behind you...but I won't elaborate further, for fear of ruining the surprise for those who haven't played it.)

Overall, this was a good compo, even though barely anybody turned in their games.