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Requires MegaZeux 2.02 to 2.51 or newer.
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weasel  said:
Posted date unknown
It's seriously outdated, and we've all seen the engines countless times before, but it's still a good reference for those new to MZX.
Last modified 2012-05-19 02:45:29
I can't wait for the finished product of this, which will receave my 5/5!

This is a guide for all who want in on how do take your first non "is your touching me say this!" or a simple buy script, when you wanna take it one step higher, I suggest this for all!
Posted date unknown
This is a blast from the past, a compilation of various engines and utilities created by MZXers for MZXers back in the day. You can see some of the engines (most commonly the sidescroller) used in other games, and even I've used a couple of engines from here (like the one for relational zoning).

Do note that some things in this compilation have been made obsolete by newer MZX versions, and using an engine in your game without understanding how it works is just silly; but this can still prove useful every once in a while.
RinGames06  said:
Posted date unknown
Even if it's outdated, it really helped many to improve their engines and make better games ... I was hoping to a III version but never released ... but well, really helped out >w<)b