Town of ZZT
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Requires MegaZeux 2.02 to 2.51 or newer.
Town of ZZT
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weasel  said:
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If you ever had any doubts about how MZX has its roots in ZZT, here's the perfect example. A lot of this stuff is built in to MZX already (like many of the enemies). The tiny differences make this better than ZZT's version though - the explosions are a lot easier to calculate (for the bombing puzzle), the text boxes are larger for greater clarity, and the player movement is a lot smoother and easier to negotiate. It's not the ultimate MZX game, not is it the ultimate ZZT game - but it's better than most of the crap we see crawling around the archives these days.
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This is the famous Town of ZZT, recreated in MZX. And it's an excellent recreation. While it's not 100% accurate to ZZT (there are still little MZX nuances, commands are still MZX-style in spite of what the side bar says, bombs still blow up MZX style, and centipedes operate differently), it's still very faithful to the ZZT original.

And as for the keys... they work just fine. Or rather they do now, after Gemini came back for a bit to update this game (get it from the forums if it hasn't been updated here yet). Keys work in all MZX versions, and there are even two new super secret rooms to find; they're not out of place either, retaining the atmosphere and spirit of ZZT.

Overall... it's Town of ZZT. In MegaZeux. What else can I say? Maybe 5 stars is too much, but then again there'd be no MZX without ZZT. And Town's an excellent ZZT game anyway.
Lachesis  said:
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Okay, I'll give this a real review instead of a joke review. It's a very faithful adaptation of the ZZT game "Town of ZZT" for MZX, annoying parts and all. This version doesn't have Gemini's fix for the keys to the best of my knowledge, but modern MZX versions don't need it—the KEY# issue Gemini likes to "remind" everyone about was fixed back in 2007. Overall this is probably a lot more playable than the original thanks to MZX's better saving UI, speed setting (for getting through the stupid parts), and generally more responsive input.

The only thing it really needs is ZZT bombs. They can be made using 2.51. Someone needs to make this happen. I don't think any version of Town of ZZT would be worth more than 3 stars even with them, though.