Magician's Adventure
Baby Bonnie Hood 
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Requires MegaZeux 2.51s1 or newer.
Magician's Adventure
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Decent but old schoolish graphics. I didn't like the fact that it used built in enemies and some of the bosses were too hard. The story was... ok, if slightly annoying and cutesy. Neat spells.
Dr Lancer-X  said:
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The graphics aren't terrific, but the storyline was nice. I liked the gameplay of this thing- it's a decent length and there's a variety of different gameplay on offer.
Goshi  said:
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Plays alot like the Zeux series, the bosses go overkill on you at times but its still a good game, it is heavily based off a few popular MZX classics but otherwise its good.
Fighter_Phil  said:
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I remember i used to love this game, mostly for the title screen, the bosses could get hard at times, but overall it was a good game, a good way to use simple graphics in a game.
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Behold, my very first MZX game. It's been 10 years since I've played it and I've honestly mostly forgotten about it, so I believe I can form an unbiased opinion on it. Let's get started then, shall we?

Magician's Adventure is about, well, a magician's adventure. A classic MZX bullet-shooting and spell-casting action adventure, to be precise. You play as the magician girl J.G., as she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

I wanna get this out of the way first: This game is not very original. It's a mishmash of gameplay elements, puzzles, settings, graphics, characters, people, sounds, music, and who knows what else from other games, shows, and so much more. All blended together to create a setting and story that I'm extremely embarrassed about today, because I loved it so much a decade ago. Ahh, so much old shame...

Despite all that however, I do remember putting effort into the gameplay. And I'm proud to say that this is a pretty good game to play. Like I said, it's classic MZX gameplay and done well to boot. Although I must confess, some areas and bosses are very difficult so be prepared to savescum a lot (even a few exposition scrolls in the game recommend it).

Overall, Magician's Adventure is an unoriginal game that plays well. If you're looking to play some classic MZX and want an added bonus of figuring out what I took from where, this game could entertain you. As for me, I plan on revisiting this game in my new MZX series.....
RinGames06  said:
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I liked this game; I like the main character being a girl, i think it adds the cute factor, also I liked the Spells. The only letdown its the tons of enemies x_x ... anyway a fun game with nice characters in-game.
Maxim  said:
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Magician's Adventure is a long adventure game that plays like the original Zeux games. You have your infinite ammo magic wand and a spellbook to get you through its relatively large world.

To say this game is challenging is an understatement. It is cruel. I would be shocked if anyone could complete this game without saving. Most of the game is reasonable, but then there's boards like the ice bridge surrounded by lava and the platform boards where you have to move the player at the same pace as the platform. There's two other areas I can remember that are just horrific. One of which you have to backtrack through in its entirety. To top it off, there are more invincible ghosts in this game than I've seen in any Megazeux game. It's pretty amazing. The difficulty of some of these areas can be made more reasonable by pressing F2 and changing the game speed to 8 temporarily, though.

The impressive part in that is that none of it is clearly unfair. As cruel as it is, you don't get hit with any instant death traps and nothing is unbeatable. In addition, the boss battles are great. I've seldom seen better in the classic Zeux style. The first boss, who throws potions at you, is a good example of the kind of creativity here. None of them are quite as hard as the preceding levels, but the last few do drag on a bit. It's also the only Megazeux game I know of to make good use of the thief built-in.

Fortunately there are a good number of player upgrades. The most important of these relate to the player's magic ability. Each upgrade has its own items associated with it to collect, and the game has many side quests that involve finding these items. There's a bit of nonlinearity in the order of these quests, but if you don't solve all of them before the final battle the game will be much harder. There are also systems for upgrading maximum health and mana to make the game a little less hostile. Also, you'll want to get as many mana potions as you can because your magic use will often exceed its slow recharge rate.

It's worth mentioning that the story and narration are above par for a Megazeux game. It reminds me of Luke Drelick's style in a few ways. Some of the writing feels a bit stilted, but it works. At least for me, it really made the game's world feel alive in a way that most can't manage. Very fun.

The music and graphics are as standard as it gets. Graphics are the high end of that "standard". Music is all stuff that's been used in other Megazeux games. It probably would have done better with some original music. Also, the use of digital audio with the built-in systems creates some pretty horrible cacophony at times. Audio is probably the weakest part of this game.

It's worth playing, but your threshold for frustration better be very high. And a warning, there is one fatal bug in the first boss of the last dungeon. If it dies at one of the board edges, it will be overwritten and the game will not be able to advance. So save frequently, in different files!