Rexilon's Rescue
Release Date
Requires MegaZeux 2.93 or newer.
Rexilon's Rescue
--Rexilon's Rescue--

v1.1 Changelog

- Added a workaround for the section that requires a password so it can be completed without it.
- Toned down the explosion sound effect to make it less intrusive.


This is a project that came together when my 9-year old son had an idea for a game he wanted to develop.

Most of the game's design choices and graphics were my son's, while I tried my best to remember how to use Megazeux to implement the more complex features he wanted. Ultimately we came together and over the course of a few days threw together a very short RPG.

You should expect a very brief and simple experience, and since this was developed with/for a 9 year old, it is quite easy (most enemies can easily be cheesed so you take no damage). It was not well-tested (only enough to get a few consecutive play-throughs with no bugs), however I will update as bugs are discovered.

Normally I wouldn't release something like this, but we had so much fun making it that I had to share.

NOTE: There is a specific section that breaks the fourth wall and requires a password. The password is "deuce".
asgromo  said:
Last modified 2024-06-23 05:29:24
NOTE: This review was written for version 1.1 and may be outdated.
Very impressed by the design, art, sound, and writing here, especially from a first-time game dev. It's short and sweet!
Frankie  said:
Last modified 2024-06-23 19:00:04
NOTE: This review was written for version 1.1 and may be outdated.
Very good game and foray into game making!