Release Date
Requires MegaZeux 2.92 or newer.
Another generic puzzler… this time it’s something like a cross between Tetris and Pipe Dream.

Arrange the falling pipe segments into closed lꝏps, which will then vanish. The longer the lꝏp, the more points you get!

Additions in v1.1 include new kinds of tiles with two pipe segments, a shadow (ghost) for the currently falling pipe and an option to start the game with 0…4 rows of random pipe segments pre-laid in the playfield. Thanks Noser and Lancer-X for the suggestions.

New in v1.2 are different tilesets for all 9 levels and some minor graphical fixes. Also, all fonts have been pre-loaded to reduce file clutter.

1.2b fixes a bug with piece generation and meanwhile I added a sound effect that plays upon the expansion of the piece set.

Added in 1.3 is a new special piece which can remove large amounts of pieces at once if used cleverly.

1.3b modifies the power blocks’ spawn algorithm to make their appearances more predictable and also a few minor bugs, some from earlier versions.

1.3c fixes a bug in the piece selection algorithm, another one in the natural dropping code and slightly improves the shadow’s appearance.

• This game is touch-enabled: use either the virtual keys on the left side of the screen or gestures to control the game (swipe to move and drop, tap to rotate).
NoahSoft  said:
Last modified 2024-06-09 16:15:05
I'm not typically one for arcade style MZX but Credit where Credit is due. This game fully delivers on the promised experience of combining Tetris and Pipe Mania. Cool blocks, including a wrench block that clears out the ol' pipes. I felt the emotions of waiting for the perfect piece of tetris as well as creating flood gates, however the addition of having to stack them creates new gameplay.

Great front end, fonts, graphics and music!