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Requires MegaZeux 2.92 or newer.
Fight the classid Doom enemies with the standard arsenal of weapons in this 2D ascii art Doom game. Now with gamepad support. X = Fire weapon, Y = Reload, A or B = Enter Menu, L1 or R1 = switch to next weapon.
GetDizzy  said:
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NOTE: This review was written for version 1.2 and may be outdated.
First off, I admit a bit of a bias as I've been eagerly anticipating this game's release while watching Verasev develop it on the Discord server. I must also admit bias as someone for whom the release of the original Doom was a defining event of the '90s.

That out of the way, this is an absolutely excellent game that is worth every minute of your time. The ASCII art graphics are put together well, and the game nails the feel of DOOM while being very much its own thing. The music (taken from Doom 64) and sound effects (taken from the original) fit in very nicely.

The game has a unique Storyline which I admit I haven't seen all of yet, but seems worth seeing through.

It has some flaws, most of which the author is already aware of and has promised to fix for following episodes. One notable one that lets down the shotgun weapon is that it does a fixed damage to each target it hits, instead of doing a damage per pellet. As such, it's less useful against large monsters than the original weapon was in Doom.

Give this game a try! One of the best MegaZeux releases to come out in a long time.
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NOTE: This review was written for version 1.3 and may be outdated.
DooMZX is looks nicer than Doom XD