Labyrinth: I/O
Dr Lancer-X 
Release Date
Requires MegaZeux 2.92 or newer.
Labyrinth: I/O
This is a first person dungeon crawler created for the Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021.

W / Up - Move forward
Q / Left - Turn left
E / Right - Turn right
S / Down - Move backwards
A - Strafe left
D - Strafe right
H / F - Heal yourself with Medikit
1 - Switch to Pistol
2 - Switch to Shotgun (if owned)
3 - Switch to Assault Rifle (if owned)
Left click - Fire weapon, use terminal / storage locker
R / Right click - Reload
F2 - Settings
F3 - Save
F4 - Load
Escape - Exit
P - Play game (from title screen)

- The enemy sprites and most of the textures were created by Maxim. (KKairos also made a texture.)
- This game was made using the brilliant game creation system MegaZeux.
- Music by Tam Music Factory.
- Sound effects by SONNISS and Tam Music Factory.

Changes in v1.02:
- New title screen
- Automap
- Rebalancing of weapons- the shotgun now has a tighter choke and is more useful
- The F key can now be used to heal with a medikit- this key is more convenient when using WQEASD

Changes in v1.01b:
- Two bugs (phantom collision boxes and losing the ability to interact with terminals/storage lockers) caused by leftover debugging code have been fixed.
- Medikits can now be used while you are holding other keys down.
- The amount of ammunition you get from storage crates has been doubled.
asgromo  said:
Last modified 2021-09-25 18:50:10
Something like 40 minutes of cute shooting and exploration. Definitely a competition game with its minimal narrative and mechanics, but very smooth. The mouse-driven shooting gallery style combat takes a minute to get used to. Immersive soundscape of various blares, blasts, and zaps. The enemy visuals are adorable if maybe distractingly so. Gauging the next move of a hostile pickup truck with a missile launcher roof rack and dodging a flurry of its rockets is a thrill, small yet legit. Give it a shot! Bang bang!