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Requires MegaZeux 2.02 to 2.51 or newer.
A game I made found somewhere. You have to press 'P' twice to play it.

Actually, I made this game while experimenting with the MZX 2.51 editor. It's hard to make a game superficially seem like a newbie game while still making it fair. And... I've always sorta wanted to make a Stargate game :<

It should be noted that while this game was made in MZX 2.51, that you won't hear the title screen music unless you play it in a version that has OGG support.
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It's Stargate! That movie about Egyptian aliens. That was cool. But is this game also?

This is just your typical MZX action game (it's from 1996, after all). You go through a few boards, shoot built-ins and bosses, and win. Yay. Barely any of the plot from the movie is used here, and the dialogue seems to have been written by a little kid.

A few things make this stand out from all the other '96 games, though. The first one is your weapon: You shoot bullets that explode upon impact, and you can even control them a little as they fly. However, it's not spammable (but at least you have infinite ammo) and you can even hurt yourself if you're not careful.

Another feature is the scoring system. There's a multiplier, and it goes up every time you score (by hitting enemies and bosses). You can get quite a high score, but don't get hit or the multiplier will reset. It's pretty cool and suspiciously advanced for a '96 game, but in the end your score doesn't really matter.

Finally, you automatically energize when you run low on health. Good thing too, because this game is hard and you only have one life. Enemies are plentiful, and the bosses are pretty nasty. It may take you a few tries to finish this game, though all that's really waiting for you at the end is a lame win screen.

Overall, this is a decent '96 game. Spend a little time playing it, it might entertain you.




Now I get it!

This game was made this year (2011)!

And then the creator went back in time to 1996 and submitted it there!!

I must find this anonymous creator, and his time machine!!!