Twip 2: Real School
Release Date
Requires MegaZeux 2.83 or newer.
Twip 2: Real School
The sequel to Twip: The Homeschool, following Twip to public school where he needs to destroy the Class Presidential Campaign of his arch rival.
Maxim  said:
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Twip 2 is an adventure game where most of the action consists of using items, like Weirdness. It's pretty good! In the original Twip you were homeschooled, and in this one you're in a public school. Your goal is to sabotage the school presidential election for one of your rivals.

Some of the puzzles aren't immediately obvious, but nothing bad enough to mention. Some of the non-item based puzzles kinda suck though. Probably the worst part is the low-brightness room where you have to avoid being "seen" by roving guards... which is very annoying, mainly because the brightness is set to an *extremely* low level. Also the one where you have to use blocks to move though a laser. Remember, they *won't* stop where you want them, by design. You have to move with them through the force field.

Other than that though, it's solid. I had fun with it. Also the graphics are nice, even if not the best. You can tell what everything is pretty quickly. I think the music was written by Thud, and it's pretty good stuff. Appropriate for the game, for sure.

Has a few minor flaws, but definitely worth checking out...