Knife Bro
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Requires MegaZeux 2.83 or newer.
Knife Bro
It's villian versus villain in an armageddon countdown showdown! Put your mettle to the metal and slice and dice your way through over 20 levels! Collect powerups and destroy enemies with your huge volley of knives.
ThDPro  said:
Posted date unknown
This game is, like all CJA games, pretty fun. Where it lacks in "advanced" graphics, it makes up in gameplay and awesome engines.

I don't give it 5 stars because the game is pretty short in the end and the story is just a bit meh, but it works really well. Another reason for the missing star is the fact that the music is old stuff we've all heard, including 12WAR.mod and 2-3.mod, but I honestly can't say I found them offensive, they worked for me too.

The gameplay is the best part, definitely not something I've seen before, at least not this well. You basically build up on how many knives you're throwing and powerups increase... stuff... Well, play the game, you'll get the idea.

I think this game deserves more attention. It's more than worth playing.
hseiken  said:
Last modified 2020-04-10 03:39:29
This game is in the same vein as Jean Claude van Damme super-kicking a knife into a dude's chest. It's over the top and there's just something wickedly satisfying about the amount of knives your character can throw. Story or no story, doesn't matter. It's all about the knives. If you like over the top action with decent challenge and arcade sensibilities, this game is probably your steeze.