Twip: The Homeschooler
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Requires MegaZeux 2.81 or newer.
Twip: The Homeschooler
Twip, homeschooled and sheltered all his life, craves reality and a life of... well, not homeschooling, but is trapped in his parents house, a fortress of scrutiny and anger. The first chance he had alone, he knew he would have to escape... But how?

Features an interacting-item inventory system.
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Twip is a very old-school Weirdness-style inventory game, and a pretty short one-board one at that. Nevertheless, I enjoyed pretty much all of it. Although the graphics are very dated, I'm pretty much an old-school fanboy and aren't offended if I see use of the overlay and only one palette. It's the fun that really counts, and this really made me wonder why we're not all making inventory games. They're actually FUN, people! 4/5.
NoahSoft  said:
Posted date unknown
A great first game from ThDPro! Inventory styled game, with a great 2-char player, and great graphics! Extra work like shading and interesting chars and carpet patterns show a lot of went into this one board! A fun little story with great cosmetics! An awesome first game!
hob nado  said:
Last modified 2023-04-06 16:37:02
This was a fun little inventory game, with a promising backstory that hints at a lot more than what actually happens. I want to know more about the situation with Twip's parents and bacteria. (Maybe I'll find out in Twip 2?)

The puzzles get a little obscure. You can see what to do, but not quite how to make it happen (c'mon, let me open the locked book with the wire cutters!) A couple times, I was reduced to trying every item on everything on the board.

Despite this, there's a creative inventory system which lets you use items on other items, which is a fun twist that I don't think I've seen before in one of these games.