Engine 1 Remix
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Requires MegaZeux 2.69c or newer.
Engine 1 Remix
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Goshi  said:
Posted date unknown
Whil plotwise the game isn't the best thing ever it is indeed an awesome remix of the classic MZX game we've all come to love. It still maintains the dialogue and plot and it keeps the dungeon design and features, its like its sequel only its er.. not. One new feature of the game is a new area which is a nice explore I guess since it boast's orginal graphics and still looks quite nice. A must have for any MZX'ers collection.
Last modified 2011-09-29 17:38:38
It's Engine, redone to look like its sequel. If you've played the first two, you already know what to expect: A big adventure game full of all things Japanese.

It's mostly the same JRPGish game with typical MZX combat, but there are differences from the original Engine. A few areas have been made less frustrating, one of the characters actually has a purpose now albeit only briefly, and there's a whole new area to explore that's involved in the altered method of getting the best ending (which the Second Attack still disregards).

Overall, it's a shiny brand new Engine. Give it a spin...
Dr Lancer-X  said:
Posted date unknown
I quite liked this game, it did everything right that the other Engine games didn't. Quite neat. Also Guy is silly.
Posted date unknown
This is a extremely pretty game. It also has excellent music. The plot was... okay. The gameplay, unfortunately, doesn't match the presentation. It's a little fun at first but gets repetitive and the boss fights were really disappointing (basically they all fight the same way, the only difference being hp). Also, it had slider puzzles which some people may find annoying.
Kewlio  said:
Last modified 2012-05-17 00:07:50
A fine piece of Duky. The plotline is kind of typical of an RPG (though this is not one), and the bosses all play out exactly the same. However, the game's graphics are quite spectacular. It makes use of large amounts of CHR and PAL swaps, which means the graphics are highly diverse for a MZX game, and the cutscenes have some excellent ASCII editing -- they don't look realistic, obviously, but very well detailed considering a 256-character set. A bit glitchy, and kind of happy on the pusher puzzles, but it was an enjoyable experience.

This game gets 4 of 5.