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March 2002

aetsch's "About us" information
[ Posted by Hercules on Tuesday, March 26, 2002, at 11:05 PM ]
aetsch has finished up writing his information for the "About us" section. You can read it here (it's below the info of me and Hydra).

Pictures: 5, links: 3
[ Posted by Hercules on Sunday, March 24, 2002, at 12:11 PM ]

WAKK!, pictures: 3, Reader screenshots
[ Posted by Hercules on Thursday, March 21, 2002, at 6:07 PM ]
Meantee has finished his spiffy ZZT art collection, WAKK! -- you can grab it here! I have added two screenshots of Meantee's upcoming game, Reader, to the Upcoming titles as well.

Added 3 pictures to the Picture gallery: Veloso (1), Veloso (2), Veloso (3).

Other than that, the new bunch of review scores will be up some time soon. However, they will temporarily be added as a text file, since there is no review score database yet. Hydra, however, is currently learning PHP and MySQL, so he will probably start on a database in the (near) future.

New coolzx demo, pictures: 1
[ Posted by Hercules on Sunday, March 17, 2002, at 9:12 PM ]
coolzx has released a shiny demo of his new game "Dark One's Rising"! You can grab it here. The full game is coming along nicely as well.

Added 1 picture to the Picture gallery: Nash.

Pictures: 6
[ Posted by Hercules on Tuesday, March 12, 2002, at 5:15 PM ]

New 24 hours of ZZT archive!
[ Posted by Hercules on Wednesday, March 6, 2002, at 9:50 PM ]
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but... I haven't been sitting still! In fact, I've worked on something pretty unique: a complete 24 hours of ZZT archive! It contains information on all the 'official' 24hoz contests to date, along with downloads, screenshots and the original scoresheets. Please note that the information on the first three 24hoz contests (Summer/Winter 1998, Spring 1999) is slightly incomplete, but will be complete soon (as soon as Hydra sends me the original HTML files of those contests). What's there was done off the top of my head. Anyway, enjoy!

Other than that, I've started an "Ecology theory" course, which is pretty okay so far. I don't have as much class as I used to have either and no lab reports or presentations this time. I still have a lot to do, though. I got quick polyclinical surgery done on my left eardrum today, for one.

Pictures: 6, Hydra's About us info, Smiley MZX
[ Posted by Hercules on Saturday, March 2, 2002, at 9:04 PM ]
Added 6 pictures to the Picture gallery: Leamas, Lord of Chaos, Nash (1), Nash (2), Qwil man (1), Qwil man (2).

Hydra finished up his About us information, which I added. aetsch's info should hopefully be up soon.

Added Ryosuke's votes to the Smiley MZX Awards.