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June 2003

Jauhis joins, busy times...
[ Posted by Hercules on Sunday, June 8, 2003 ]
Still haven't gotten around to fixing the news script (oi...), but I did add Jauhis' member information to the Members section! Also updated the Upcoming Titles and IF History pages. Sadly I'm going to face quite a busy time at college this month, seeing as I have to finish up the research project I've been doing since early February. Still have a lot to do. I'll be okay, just busy. Remind me to update the Picture gallery one of these days. ;D

News script broke down
[ Posted by Hercules on Thursday, June 5, 2003 ]
Hi! Umm... this is basically a note to tell you that I'm not dead and that I indeed realize that my news script is all broken and whatnot. Somehow newsPHP is outputting 0k files and I haven't been able to fix the problem as of yet. Hopefully soon! I wanna get this thing back online.

In other news, Jauhis (real-life friend of our members Tommy and Marcus) has joined up with Interactive Fantasies. Welcome! I'll try and add his info soon. I've been quite busy with college and the like. And yeah, it all goes like that. Stay tuned, and stuff!