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July 2003

Pictures: 27, news script removed, stuff
[ Posted by Hercules on Saturday, July 5, 2003, at 5:39 PM ]
Added 27 pictures to the Picture gallery: Benco, Chuck, Dexter (1), Dexter (2), Duhreetoh (1), Duhreetoh (2), Duhreetoh (3), Duhreetoh (4), Duhreetoh (5), Duhreetoh (6), Duhreetoh (7), Endril, Exophase, 3 Finnards (Tommy, Jauhis and Henok), geekfish (1), geekfish (2), gofer-chan, Hercules (1), Hercules (2), Kev Vance, Robert Pragt (1), Robert Pragt (2), Scott Vyper, Skullie, Thunderdog, Tixus, Zed.

I really apologise for not updating in ages. The news script broke down, as you may have noticed. I was busy and I failed fixing it. I couldn't be bothered looking at it times and times again, but I'm finally on my summer break now (after a long period of research I did at my university). I looked at it again this morning and it just wouldn't work, whatever I tried. I decided to get rid of the news scripts completely and just do everything by hand again. It requires a bit more effort, but at least it's reliable. Stupid scripts breaking down for no apparent reason at all.

I also manually updated the Updates archive and News archive.