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December 2002

Pictures: 7, PHP/MySQL
[ Posted by Hercules on Sunday, December 29, 2002, at 8:16 PM ]
Added 7 pictures to the Picture gallery: Draco (1), Draco (2), Draco (3), Draco (4), Nanobot (1), Nanobot (2), Zenryoku.

Other than that, we've not been sitting still in the past few days. We've created a really convenient PHP/MySQL database for the ZZT/MZXer profiles (formerly known as interviews on the old IF page). The script itself, as well as a good-looking and working admin area are done, but we'll launch them as soon as we've actually added all old profiles. We're working on a PHP/MySQL database for the review archive now.

More info later.

Feedback, PHP forms
[ Posted by Hercules on Wednesday, December 25, 2002, at 4:25 PM ]
I have fixed all the forms on the site, by creating simple PHP scripts. You can now submit news, Smiley ZZT Awards votes, Smiley MZX Awards votes and links.

Other than that, I have created a simple feedback form, which you can use here. Please use it if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or wish to report a bug in the site. We will attend to it when we can.

Upcoming titles, EmalkaY
[ Posted by Hercules on Wednesday, December 25, 2002, at 1:43 PM ]

I've also removed EmalkaY from our members list, seeing as he has vanished into thin air after releasing Nonsense 2. Updated the History page.

Updated the Upcoming titles page.

Pictures: 15, Fishfood, and more
[ Posted by Hercules on Tuesday, December 24, 2002, at 9:46 PM ]
Added 15 pictures to the Picture gallery: Bongo, Chuck, Project, starbux (1), starbux (2), starbux (3), starbux (4), starbux (5), starbux (6), tucan, zamros (1), zamros (2), zamros (3), zamros (4), ZhayTee.

Other than this, I've removed Fishfood from our members list, seeing as he quit ZZT a while ago. I may remove some others soon, if I don't hear from them. I have also updated the IF history.

In other news, craNKGod and Diamond are now on the news staff.

I figured I might as well tell you all what's been going down here in Holland. College has been quite laidback lately. Not that it didn't keep me busy, but it's all... I dunno, more relaxed. I started writing a research paper at the Center of Environmental Science 3.5 weeks ago. I'm home most of the time, but I gotta write. At least I'm getting lots of sleep. :P I'm currently taking a two-week winter break and picking up on my research paper afterwards. I also got my driver's license a bunch of months ago. I don't drive often at all, but I'm glad I have it.

In other news, my cousin Hydra is coming over to stay here for a few days on Boxing Day. He'll be celebrating New Year's Eve here, along with several others. I hope that's gonna be mad fun, just like last year, when I ended up lying on a kitchen table for two hours. O_o

Well, adios for now.

And finally, we breathe freely again
[ Posted by Hercules on Tuesday, December 24, 2002, at 8:07 PM ]
...You've probably noticed the recent problems from all the jazz going on here, on the index. Let me summarize it.

Perl will definitely not work on our server. It's a strange problem, which puzzle joshdw1, Maverick (of DigitalMZX) and me for several months.

CyQ pointed me to newsPHP, which z2 uses as well. It's a very basic script, but it works fine on this server and at least let's me fit the news in our design. Luckily, it can create headlines, too. Two downpoints, though. The archiving option is very, very crude. It currently dumps stuff in one big archive file once every month. This is not much of a problem, seeing as I can just create the archives manually, doing some copying/pasting. It'll cost me 15 minutes per month at highest, which is okay with me. Second downpoint; you can no longer search our news databases. I don't care, but maybe some people liked it. Oh well.

So... we're finally back on our feet. I'll stick with newsPHP, even it's simply and I'll have to do some archiving work manually. At least it works.

I've also converted the old Newspro updates and news articles to our design. The archives are up again: Updates archive, News archive.

It's good to be back again, just before Christmas. I can also mention that we have two games ready for releasal (in the testing phase) and there's more, which I'll currently not say much about. :P