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April 2003

Pictures: 33, other stuff
[ Posted by Hercules on Sunday, April 27, 2003, at 9:26 PM ]
Added 33 pictures to the Picture gallery: Bongo, Calen, Chuck, DoggyShop (1), DoggyShop (2), Duhreetoh, Hercules (1), Hercules (2), Hercules (3), Kev Vance (1), Kev Vance (2), Leamas (1), Leamas (2), Leamas (3), MattW (1), MattW (2), MattW (3), MattW (4), MattW (5), MattW (6), MattW (7), MattW (8), MattW (9), Mono (1), Mono (2), Mono (3), Mono (4), Skullie, Mono (1), ZhayTee (1), ZhayTee (2), ZhayTee (3), Zorkboy (1), Zorkboy (2).

If you've been wondering what's been up lately... well, our host (DigitalMZX) has suffered from several server problems for quite a while (see the news). We're back now, though! Hopefully it will stay this way now.

In other news, I am going to the island of Curacao (Caribean) for 9 days as of next sunday. This will provide a good break from my research/work at college. I can't wait. =)

Back online!
[ Posted by Hercules on Monday, April 14, 2003, at 5:26 PM ]
Whew, we're finally back online, after our host, DigitalMZX, had to switch servers two times due to problems. All is well now and the only thing that's changed is our URL: we're at http://if.digitalmzx.net now, so update your bookmarks. ;D

Other than that, all has been well for me. I've been doing research at the Center of Environmental Science for several weeks now, which forces me to make long days, but I'm responsible for my own schedule (which is a good thing). I've been out raving again this weekend (Qlimax, a HUGE hardstyle rave), which was awesome. 10 hours of madness on the other side of the country until 7 AM in the morning, but I survived. :P

I will update the site with some real contents soon. In the meantime, check out the Spring 24 hours of ZZT contest that I'm hosting.