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The MegaZeux EXTRAS jam

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Posted 06 April 2021 - 07:30 PM

Hey, everyone here. We tried a special BKZX, but it didn't work out as a BKZX. However, since the idea was popular, we're turning it into a week-long jam!

Welcome to the MegaZeux EXTRAS jam.

For the next week, you don't just make a MegaZeux game from scratch, but put something substantially extra in it. Some qualifying examples:

  • Unlocks: Simple! One basic game, but you do things that when the next time a new game is played let you do more things that let you do even more things that let you go to more places, and those changes stay around forever.
  • Easter Eggs: It's a little late for Easter but the eggs are still fine! Don't stop at just one! Hide things in your game! Insert those codes! Make things different when you play on a certain date! Grudgingly fulfill Kickstarter obligations! BIG HEAD MODE
  • Postgame: Hey, you thought you were done with the game but there's even more game! Let stopping the destruction of the world or whatever wait a few more days, NBD, you've got things to do that you somehow couldn't do until you did what you needed to do but that now hasn't happened yet. Closely related: the New Game Plus.
  • Minigames: Yep, put another, mostly-different (?) game... inside your game. Sometimes doing something in the minigame helps in the full game, sometimes not, your call. (If the game is nothing but minigames then it's not really an "extra", so.)
  • Compatibility Checks: It was custom for PC Engine CD games to show splash screens, cinematics, or even allow play of a microgame when the system requirements weren't met. Do the same for your entry, only... grander. No controller connected? No PC Speaker bloops? Sorry, pal, you gotta have those but here's a distraction in the meantime. (And actually incorporate what you're checking for into your game, please.)

If you need more ideas, have a look at our BKZX or DoZ sections and see if a topic inspires you. You have until sometime next Tuesday to post a MegaZeux game fitting this rule, made within the jam time period. (The deadline isn't strictly enforced but it's the length the jam was intended.) Good luck, everyone, and remember: use the latest version, we update it for a reason.
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