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21-December 16
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34 years old
July 4, 1987
Male Male
Garbage Can
Eating off the floor.
Speaking Spainish whilst holidaying in Italy.
Putting aftershave in my eyes.
Smelling other peoples hair.
Calling myself captain Orange Toffee and speaking in a Jamaican accent.
Having sexual relations with pieces of art, only the classics.
Being KVLT!
Being KVN7!

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About Me

Yes it is me, the one you are thinking of.

I have plenty of achievements here on digital mzx...

I created that crappy 3D version of megazeux that no one ever got to see as my dog ate it.

I created the groundbreaking game "Atoms" here on megazeux.

I wrote that song people listened to for a whole five minutes before realizing it was simply three bars repeating over again.

I was thrown off this site for saying naughty things to the admin's and moderators... oh and uploading that pornographic video of Omega didn't help much either... ://>

A quick shout out to my peeps!

Exophase - Sorry to hear of your missing penile appendage, I hope you get better soon!

Kurushimi - How is the god of stupidity these days, hope your still on your meds - release date still 2025?.

ZzCrook - A real cool dude, even if he is from Canada, I miss zeuxworld :(/>

Omega/Goferdud/Lachesis - Whatever the hell you call yourself these days, sorry about the video but in all fairness you are a complete bitch. Nice poetry BTW you willy licker ;)/>

RoSS - I heard you are now homeless after selling your virginity to that rich Texan, I'll pray for you.

Sai'ke - Hope you have done something with your music, if you grew up to work in burger king I will be very disappointed.

Wild Weasel - Still a fan of your work!


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