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Report ID 824 Title Potential issues related to NvOptimusEnablement.
Product MegaZeux Bugs Status UNFILED (Severity 2 - Fair)
Version 2.92f Fixed in -
Introduced In Version 2.91jOperating System Windows 10 x64

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Report ID #824: Potential issues related to NvOptimusEnablement.

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Posted 10 March 2022 - 03:29 AM

Confirmed/claimed issues caused by NvOptimusEnablement that may need investigation:

  • When MegaZeux is open, turning off a monitor connected by DisplayPort reliably causes Windows to detect the monitor as disconnected and to remove its desktop. This is "intentional" Windows design, but MegaZeux makes it worse for whatever reason, and the NVidia driver is the most likely culprit.
  • NVidia Experience may intercept Alt+Z keystrokes, preventing the clear board shortcut and any games that use Alt+Z together from detecting it.

NvOptimusEnablement is exported in main.c to force switchable graphics setups to use the video card instead of Intel embedded graphics, significantly improving performance of the GLSL renderer on those devices. The addition of glslscale as the default renderer may partially or completely obsolete this feature.

None of this behavior has been confirmed to be the fault of NVidia drivers yet.
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