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  1. TIle Swap

    06 May 2024 - 04:03 AM

    Tile Swap
    for MegaZeux 1.x

    I’ve just released Tile Swap, a rather simple match-three puzzle game which was written in MegaZeux 1.x!

    It’s similar to Bejeweled / Candy Crush, only squished into one dimension. You can move your cursor freely along the playfield and swap any of the tiles on it with the one you’re currently holding. Getting 3 or more in a row (possibly including wildcards as well) gives you points, removes the matching tiles, makes the remainder “fall” to the left and feeds you new tiles from the right.

    • 5 different colors / shapes of tiles
    • Wildcards
    • Completely correct detection of matches of various length and according scoring
    • Combos up to 7 with proportional bonus multipliers
    • Gradually increasing speed

    It also features a number of novel visual effects for a presentation as of yet unparalleled in MZX, such as:

    • Robot-rendered virtual playfield with 2-character tiles and no lag
    • Score display with large font, counting effect and perfect sync among the digits
    • A pixel-perfect timer bar
    • Title screen with a large, ccv’d logotype
    • Dynamic loading of a partial font

    Get it now here!


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