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VR Headsets

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Posted 03 March 2017 - 07:28 PM

Okay, so I'm thinking of jumping into VR as a late early adopter and I've been struggling to decide whether the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive is right for me. Or if VR is right at all. Even if you think the whole concept is stupid, I want to hear why, because no VR at all is a valid option for me.

So the way I see it, the Rift headset system + Touch Controllers is essentially $700. You get access to a more limited library of good-quality games, such as Minecraft Win 10 Edition. You get a Xbox One controller, which I could make use of. I've heard the Oculus feels more snug and light and the touch controllers are superior. However, for full-room use, it has an inferior range (5'x11' or something?) because it only has two sensors, though support and hardware for a third sensor will be released soon, bringing the end cost up to about $800. The Rift has systems to compensate for crappy PC hardware. The Rift feels good, has a good core lib, and might be more compatible, but its library and physical range are more limited (until the full room sensors come out).

The Vive is $800. You get access to the full Steam VR catalogue, which is more vast than the Rift's; however, I've heard that these games are more "proof of concept" type and don't have a lot of solid, core gameplay. The Vive is heavier and I've heard reports of neck strain as well as the feeling that it's gonna come off your head. It has full room scanning capability, 15'x15', and everything that it comes with is part of the core Vive package. So it seems like the Vive has a better wow factor, physical range and bigger library, but it may not feel as good to wear and might lack "deeper" games.

So to compare, they'll probably end up being about the same price. Game availability: Vive likely wins in VR proof-of-concept/gimmicks due to Steam's VR library; Rift likely wins out in the availability of AAA games. Rift feels better. Vive has a bigger range (for now). Rift comes with an Xbox One controller and may be more compatible.

Note that when I say "I've heard" above, it's probably something from the top 5 results from a search on "htc vs vive." I'm sure I misconceived a lot of stuff about these headsets and VR in general, so please feel free to correct.


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